item Industrietechnik GmbH develops and distributes system components for customers located around the world from all sectors of industry. item is a family-run company that combines traditional values with a progressive approach to technology, products and services. Values such as reliability, fairness and responsibility form an integral part of the corporate policy. To maintain and strengthen this commitment, along with the reputation and success enjoyed by item, the management team also defines the company’s occupational health and safety policy.

This occupational health and safety policy is part and parcel of the corporate philosophy. Only in an environment where motivated employees work together as a team – appreciating the need for fairness, respect, high-quality products and services, and clean and tidy workspaces – can the focus be firmly placed on creating workplaces that keep staff safe and healthy.

The non-negotiable priorities of senior management are therefore to

  • avoid occupational accidents and
  • ensure staff’s safety at the workplace.

To achieve these goals, the entire workforce, especially management staff, are called upon to continuously explore the possibilities for improving working conditions. This also applies in full measure to psychological challenges facing staff at the workplace and in the working environment. It is vital to regularly consider whether employees’ training, experience and skills are adequate for the demands of their work.

Management staff need to be aware of how damaging it can be to business success if staff are unable to work due to injury or illness, or if their full capabilities are not at the company’s disposal.

Setting targets means we are committed to continuous improvement. All employees are responsible for following this policy in their work. People and organisations appointed by the company convey the content of the occupational health and safety policy, which is publicly accessible to all stakeholders.

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