The item building kit systems

One principle, unlimited possibilities


compatible components can be used to extend, modify and combine structures as necessary


fast delivery, fast installation, fast extension


exceptionally stable but low in weight thanks to high-quality aluminium


continuous development, long-running availability promise, top quality

Award winning

numerous awards for a winning combination of functionality and design

item product segments

The original for all construction tasks

  • Biggest selection of aluminium profiles,
    Maximum stability thanks to state-of-the-art fastening technology,
    For all industrial applications,

The ergonomic solution for manual production

  • Height-adjustable, universally extendible work benches,
    Custom configuration for maximum productivity,
    The first all-in-one system to win an award for end-to-end ergonomics,

Build what lean production needs – the simple way.

  • Maximum cost-efficiency with Profile Tube System D30,
    Build on site and continuously adapt and extend,
    For stable racks, transport trolleys and workstations,

Get to any height and work there safely

  • Free standing or integrated into machines,
    The easy way to integrate guard-rails,
    For standard-compliant bridges and wrap-around working platforms,

Design and build faster with machine modules

  • Time-saving modular design principles for cabins,
    Complete machine modules with integrated functions,
    Reduce engineering costs,

Maximum safety for people and processes

  • Strong doors, frames and panels,
    For continuous guards and enclosures,

Maximum productivity thanks to high-performance linear technology

  • Drive technologies for all tasks,
    State-of-the-art Motors and Controllers,
    Simple configuration and commissioning,

New products

Development of the item building kit systems never stops! Find out more in the shop or browse the new products catalogue –available as a practical ePaper!

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